The compounding pharmacist prepares therapies customized for the individual patient for a very wide range of dermatological conditions. Such skin conditions can spell not only physical discomfort but also personal embarrassment to those who suffer from them. Working closely with the dermatologist, our compounding pharmacists prepare both curative and cosmetic medications in a wide variety of formats depending on the needs of the individual client. These include cosmetic creams, powders, sprays for direct application to the skin, as well as a number of different oral formats from flavored wafers to lollipops. Such medications can be applied as:


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Welcome to Fusion Apothecary. We specialize in the preparation of custom compounded medications that treat a wide variety of conditions for both human and veterinary patients. We offer complete compounding services for all of life’s stages.

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Our integrated labs which had been built according to the latest standards of united states pharmacopoeia (USP 795, USP 797, USP 800) are fully equipped with cutting edge machines and utensils to serve the patients with tailor made medications that match with their unique requirements.


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